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At a time when the wheels of justice often grind sluggishly and finding relevant judgments and laws can be a time-consuming and tedious task, Teclex is at the forefront of bringing about change. Our vision is to create a legal database powered by artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms - a database that acts like a trusted, always-on assistant to help you find the information you need, in seconds. Emotions such as frustration, confusion and overwhelm are all too often companions in the world of law. However, at Teclex, we strongly believe that the legal system can be more transparent, efficient and fair. Our heart beats for giving lawyers, judges, students, and anyone who comes into contact with the law the tools to make faster, more informed decisions. Our mission is not just technical, but ethical. We strive to put law and justice in the hands of a broader population to promote equity and transparency. Our work helps break down the barriers of the legal system and create a world where power of knowledge is available to everyone.


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TecLex - State-of-the-art mathematical methods meet legal source texts.

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