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Speed and precision

Search judgments in seconds!

The TecLex legal database offers unparalleled speed and precision. Imagine you have a deadline to meet and urgently need relevant judgments. With TecLex, you can get the information you need in seconds without wasting precious time on tedious searches.

Intelligent search functions

Precise results for precise queries!

TecLex's intelligent search function understands your queries and delivers customized information. An example: You are looking for precise legal arguments for a highly complex specific case. TecLex provides you with exactly the relevant passages without you having to navigate through endless search results.

Accessibility for all

From lawyers to laypeople - law understandable for everyone!

Our mission is to make the legal system accessible to everyone. For lawyers, TecLex offers a powerful research platform. Judges can make informed decisions, students can deepen their knowledge, and laypeople can understand legal information. TecLex is your trusted partner for legal information, regardless of your expertise.

Trust and transparency

Security and data protection come first!

Trust TecLex when it comes to security and data protection. We take great care to ensure that your information is secure. Whether sensitive case studies or personal notes - your data is in trustworthy hands with TecLex.

Free of charge

Legal information without a cost barrier!

With TecLex you have free access to a wealth of legal information. This free platform allows anyone, regardless of financial constraints, to access high quality legal resources. Stop searching for paid databases - TecLex is your free source of legal knowledge.

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Use the power of TecLex for your projects: License our algorithm!

Give your project access to groundbreaking technology by licensing the TecLex algorithm. Our algorithm is not only a key to the legal data revolution, but also the solution for customized applications in your own projects. Here are the steps to lease the TecLex algorithm for your project in the license model.

1. Contact us

Get in touch with our dedicated team to discuss your specific requirements. Whether it's research, legal applications or other projects, we're here to understand your vision and provide you with the best possible support.

2. Needs analysis

Together we will work out the details of your project and analyze how the TecLex algorithm can be optimally integrated into your application. We adapt the licensing to your needs so that you can get the most out of our innovative technology.

3. Tailor-made license options

We offer flexible license models that are tailored to the individual requirements of your project. Whether short-term use for a specific project or long-term integration into your products - our tailor-made license options adapt to your needs.

4. Integration and support

Our experienced development team is on hand to assist you during the integration process. We provide comprehensive technical support to ensure that the implementation of the TecLex algorithm runs smoothly and is perfectly aligned with the goals of your project.

5. Ongoing updates

With the TecLex Algorithm license, you benefit from continuous updates and improvements. Keep your project at the cutting edge of legal innovation and stay competitive.

6. Maximize your success

By using the TecLex algorithm, you give your project a clear competitive advantage. Benefit from fast and precise legal analyses to achieve your goals efficiently.

Enrich your project with TecLex's groundbreaking technology. Contact us today to learn more about our customized licensing options and shape the future of your projects.

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