🔍 Research at TecLex: where AI and law meet

Welcome to the future of legal databases! TecLex represents not just an innovation, but a revolution in access to legal information. Our focus on research and development clearly sets us apart from traditional databases. Here are some reasons why TecLex is the leading choice for anyone researching in the world of law and mathematics:

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Research-heavy database

Our database is not just a collection of legal documents, but a melting pot of current research. We continuously integrate findings from various fields of law, combined with mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence. TecLex enables researchers to not only access data, but to understand it in an innovative context.

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Partnership with the Philipps University of Marburg

TecLex is proud to partner with the renowned Philipps University of Marburg. This strategic partnership brings together leading experts in the fields of law, mathematics and computer science. The close collaboration not only provides access to the latest research results, but also promotes dialog between academics and practitioners.

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Well-known researchers in a team

Our team and advisory board consists of experienced professors and researchers who specialize in the interface of law and technology. We have outstanding personalities in the fields of law and mathematics in our ranks who continuously contribute to keeping TecLex at the cutting edge of research.

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AI and mathematical algorithms

TecLex is the first legal database to combine AI and mathematical algorithms in a seamless interaction. Our advanced technologies enable not only fast data searches, but also in-depth analysis and interpretation of decisions. This innovative approach is revolutionizing the way research is conducted in the legal field.

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Research. Speed. Precision.

With TecLex you not only get information, but an insight into the future of legal research. Our platform enables you to understand the legal context, recognize connections and take your research to a new level. Whether you are a student, lawyer, judge or simply inquisitive, TecLex is your partner on the path to sound and advanced legal research.