Legal research faster, less expensive and more intuitive.

TecLex revolutionizes research using the latest technology!


Thanks to modern linguistic data processing, users will be able to find relevant source texts on the TecLex database within seconds. Existing databases use a keyword search mechanism, which will often lead to unsatisfactory results that don't match the issue at hand. The inevitable subsequent unassisted search for source texts that actually do fit the inquiry often comes at the expense of effort and time that could be used more effectively otherwise. By using TecLex, users can briefly describe the issue or case at hand, and our algorithm will compare it with all stored source texts. Users will then be shown relevant and high-quality results only that match their queries.

Less expensive!

Many lawyers are now questioning the necessity of such expensive legal databases. Nevertheless, access to legal resources is crucial for providing sound advice to clients. Individual lawyers, in particular, must carefully consider whether the investment is worthwhile, given the high prices charged by the two leading databases. Fortunately, TecLex offers a solution! Unlike existing databases, TecLex provides a much more affordable alternative, with a monthly subscription fee of only €30 for the first year.

More intuitive!

In addition to its intelligent database, TecLex offers a range of features that are included in the TecLex subscription and can greatly facilitate legal research and work.

Work desk

Up until now, legal databases have not allowed for collaborative editing of references. What has long since become the standard way of working in teams, thanks to tools like Google Docs, has yet to be implemented in legal databases. We are tackling that!

Easy collaboration

Our commenting feature allows for you to send questions or annotations to your colleagues directly within a source text.

No redundant work

Team members can easily keep track of the verdicts that have been reviewed and how they have been rated by each member. This feature helps prevent duplication of effort and allows team members to quickly identify areas where further analysis may be needed.

Similar Case Search

Highlighting a relevant passage will suggest source texts with similar content.

Straightforward design

By highlighting a relevant passage, a window with suggestions for source texts with similar content will pop up.


You would like to write your own article? Sure thing! Typically, the publication of legal essays is subject to high hurdles. The complex and time-consuming process is thus mainly reserved for researchers. However, with TecLex, you can publish your own essays quickly and hassle-free.

Visibility based on user ratings

By rating articles on a scale from one to five stars, users can elevate or demote them, thereby influencing their visibility in search results.

Payout based on click frequency

As an author on TecLex, the more clicks your uploaded article receives, the more you'll be rewarded. It's that simple!

Guaranteed high-quality sources

The quality of uploaded essays is ensured through review by professional editors and legal experts.